Children of Iguarán

After a couple of years travelling Kida finally comes home to Talon. Her siblings, Kana and Kamali have awaited  her return home for five years. But what they did not expect was the stranger that Kida brings with her. A stranger who will change their lives forever. 

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Excerpts Children of Iguaran

“Kida, stop fighting! Don’t you see we can leave with them? You don’t have to stay”, Kana said. 

The leader walked up to them and removed his mask and dark brown eyes stared back at them. 

“You are coming with us, end of discussion!”, he said. 

He looked at his crew and yelled: “Bring them on board now. We wasted enough time.”

Kida, still struggling: “I am not leaving this ship with you, you filth.”' 

At this, the leader looked at her. If you want to stay with that bastard and his sinking ship, be my guest.” 

He then looked over to Kamali and Kana, “Do you also wish for the same fate?” 

Before Kana or Kamali could answer him, Kida pushed her head back and hit one of them in the face. He let go of her arms and the other one she kicked in the stomach he doubled over and fell to his knees. She took the sword that was hanging from his side and lunged in defense mode. 

“Sisters, you cannot leave with these snakes, please trust me!”

Kana was looking at Kida with disgust, “You would have us stay prisoners here than leave by our own volition?”  

“Kana, trust me, you don’t want to go with them. Kamali please, don’t listen to her. Come with me.”

Kamali was looking at both her sisters. But before she could say anything she was hoisted up and taken away. Kana as well. The two men behind Kida tried to grab her as well and the leader lunged toward her. He grabbed the sword from her and captured her. He was taking her toward his ship, when Phelan jumped onto the plank.   

“Kaldur'ahm, was Sigg too busy to attack me himself?”

Phelan leaped forward in order to get Kida, but he was not fast enough. 

The man that Phelan called Kaldur'ahm moved quickly with Kida in his arms on the plank and unto his ship. The plank between the two ships fell into the water with Phelan behind it. 

What Kaldur’ahm failed to notice was that Kida had grabbed the dagger in his belt and as soon as he let her go she plunged the dagger in his lower abdomen. Kana and Kamali were looking in horror at Kida having just stabbed a man. 

“Sisters, come back with me.”