Artist statement 

Born and raised on two multicultural Islands in the Dutch Caribbean, Chong has discovered a couple of things that are important for her work. The use of bright colours, and the search for the power of storytelling. Not necessarily in this order. By creating a story that is heavily influenced by fantasy and the history of the Caribbean, I bring the captivating colours and my own personal history to the forefront. My work often deals with different topics surrounding; femininity, my body and my identity and how I interweave them together visually. The use of bright colours draws you in when the topic I’m dealing with might be uncomfortable. By using storytelling I can weave different stories to one body to retell stories from home and to share the narrative. By fictionalizing history I can mix different ideas and cultures. By using different mediums (videos, performance, installation, writing) to tell a story I can change the voice I use continually. 

Foto: Ashley Röttjers Fashion for Good Museum