Children of iguarán

Children of Iguarán is the story of three siblings, who are figuring out their position on the Island they grew up on. They are decedents of the Goddess Iguarán. 

Kamali, Kida and Kana each have to figure out where they are going to stand in history. 

From a colonial point of view what happens when you think you are doing the right thing but others disagrees with you?

I wanted to a tell a story from the perspective of Islanders who are being colonised. By creating the fictional Island of Talon we get a first hand experience with these siblings.

Goddesses and magic also play a role in this story. 

This work is unfinished.

Photos taken in Amelisweerd Utrecht

 by Nuria de Keijzer  

Story Written by Caithlin Courtney Chong

Film Edited by Caithlin Courtney Chong

 story edited by Stephanie van der Biezen

Mi Pianan di Olifante

Mi pianan di olifante translates to my elephant feet.

My mother used to mention that my feet reminded her of her mothers own feet her elephant feet she would like to say.

I always took this as a compliment because I reminded my mother in some way of her deceased mother. 

My mother did not mean this as I've learned as a compliment. And this performance is the result of that realisation.

it's both in my native language of Papiamento and in English.

(Video is 3:33 min 2020)

Camera: Nuria de Keijzer

Edited by Caithlin Courtney Chong

Narated by Caithlin Courtney Chong

Fashion for Freedom

Working on a digital fashion collection within 5 weeks. These are the print I made using and experimenting with Adobe illustrator. 

Inspired by the women and children affected in the war and what stories they may have carried. I used the bases of patterns from the 1940's as my baseline while creating these patterns. But also with a splash of colour.