Topography of the month

This work started by the idea that I menstruate five to seven days of every month. But in our current times we can't say that only woman menstruate because this is not the case. While doing research on this whole theme of menstruation I stumbled on Bee Hughes' s research where they mention: “Not everybody who menstruates is a women and not all woman menstruate”. I don't think that most of us really realise this.

The patterns displayed here are the stains that I've had on my pads during my menstruations. The reason I chose to display this is to keep the conversation on menstruation going, it's not something private or something to feel ashamed about. It's something most people go through starting as early as the age of nine. 

By abstracting the stains and digitalising them created a landscape. By using silkscreen with puff ink it reshaped and brings out the pattern just like a blood cloth. 

This work made part of the Carol Santa Fe exhibit at the Central Station Utrecht between 10-12-2020/ 9-01-2021

size: 150x174 cm 

size of the digital drawings: A3